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error's Journal

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2000
6:19 pm - first real journal entry
Eh, today's so-so. Dropped everything out of my purse in h/r, but things began to improve from there. Jeff said my hair was nice, which scared me. I got my picture taken, but now I'm afraid of what I looked like. S/S, blargh. Math, a little more interesting. Eye contact, yes. Laughing together, yes. Oh wow, a little progress. =] On my way to lunch, Alex asked if I could be Charlie's Angels with her and my best friend Kristen. I really want to be, but I already promised Sam I'd be something with her. So now I'm clueless. =\ Lunch was average, and English....when he was looking at me, and I looked at him, this time, he didn't look away. I did. *sigh* Science was horrible. No friends there, just the Monsters and Demons and some insignificant others. Monster stole my chair. It's infected..!! Nevermind. After school, I was in the lobby when I saw Root Beer!! I ran up, and told Sam, and while I was there, My day got a lot better. Miss M. said I was swtiching seats with Billy!! You know what that means =] Well I'm out of school, bored, and I have nothing to do. Later..

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6:13 pm - html??
Welcome to my page.

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6:13 pm - welcome

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